Call Management Services

At 0800 Number Shop each geographic number can be supplied with one of our various Call Management packages to suite your business needs.

We’ve created a FREE call management package for customers but offer a wide variety of upgradable features for every business need. These packages contain services that enable all sized business' to manage and record incoming calls professionally and efficiently.

Think of them as a toolbox packed full of amazing services that will revolutionise the way you handle your calls.

Key Features - Understand Their Function and Benefit

online control

Access to our online portal enables you to take control of your 0800 number and call services. Your secure login gives you access to make instant changes to your number mapping whenever it's required.

Available: Basic, Advanced, Elite

Personalised Recordings

You can record and upload audio files via our online portal or request our in house recording team to record them for you.

Personlised recordings will instantly add a professional image to your business and add a whole new level of customer service.

Available: Basic, Advanced, Elite

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemails into your email inbox as WAV audio files. This enables you to keep records and allows multiple users to monitor your voicemails and respond quickly.

Available: Basic, Advanced, Elite

Call Whisper

If you receive both personal and business calls to the same number, a call whisper enables you to learn the source of your call before answering. You can then ensure you can professionally introduce your company to your customers.

Available: Basic, Advanced, Elite

Hunt or Simultaneously Ring Group

Never miss a business call again by introducing a hunt or ring group which calls multiple numbers or operators until the call is answered. This can work by either calling multiple destinations simultaniously or simply finding the next available operator.

Available: Basic, Advanced, Elite

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a line fault or a natural disaster you can ensure you can continue to receive calls. Simply login to our portal and change your destination numbers or add and / or remove certain services.

Available: Basic, Advanced, Elite

Call Queue

If you receive more than one business call at the same time, or all your operators are busy you can place callers in a queue until the call can be answered.

A call queue can include hold music and regular interval messages. Should any callers decide that do not wish to hold they can opt out and leave a voicemail.

Available: Advanced, Elite

Keypad Department Options

Remove the need for staff to divert calls manually to the correct department. Your customers can select the correct area of the business from a simple menu.

Available: Advanced, Elite

Miss Call Reports

View detailed online reports of answered calls, voicemails and those calls that were unanswered.

This allows you to understand when you receive most of your calls, and if needs be make changes to your services to ensure incoming calls can be better dealt with.

Available: Advanced, Elite

Queue Stats Monitor

Understand when your busy periods are by monitoring the average hold time. This information will allow your to make any necessary changes to your call services or staffing levels to ensure your incoming calls are answered promptly.

Available: Elite

Time of Day Routing

Also known as time conditions, this services allows you to change how your calls are handled depending on the time of day. This could include out of office hours, temporary closures or holidays.

Any out of hours calls can be sent to voicemail or a designated number to ensure you don't miss any business calls.

Available: Elite

Data Download

All data we collect on your calls can be downloaded as a CSV file. Our users can then extract the information and upload it to their internal systems.

Available: Elite

Available Call Management Packages

For a limited time all our call management packages are half price for your first 3 months of service. Speak to an account manager to today to find out how your business can benefit from professional services.

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